The SEAL Boats USA Story

by Jordy Anderson
Founder of SEAL Boats USA

I founded SEAL Boats USA in 1997 to replace my inflatable boat by designing and building one of the safest boats on the market. Here’s why.

During the 1980s, I owned several inflatables from 12-ft. to 15.5-ft. For over 15 years, I explored almost every major river and lake in Florida in my inflatable, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve been an avid scuba diver and flew a roll-up Zodiac to the Cayman Islands for three weeks. I have also used inflatables to fish and lobster. Inflatables were a big part of my life, and I depended on them to get me home at the end of my excursions. Luckily, I always made it home, but not without my share of bad and life-threatening experiences in those inflatables.

On average, I was replacing my inflatable every five years. I had two transom failures, almost destroying two brand new 40HP Yamaha outboards. Frequent air leaks taught me to have an air-pressure gauge and air pump nearby. I always had to be extra careful about sharp objects and bottom debris. I also found that, if left in the sun, inflatables deteriorate very rapidly. And, gasoline and other petroleum-based products ate away at the glue that held the inflatables together.

The Blow-Out

In December of 1996, I owned a one-year-old (purchased brand new) Zodiac Mark III. I had just returned from a week vacation in the Okeefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia when I decided to take a photo of my Zodiac on its trailer with Sarasota Bay in the background for my Christmas cards. While setting up for the shoot, my Zodiac blew out an entire seam on the port side which went flat in less than three seconds. I was shocked!
After fifteen years of navigating Florida waterways in an inflatable, I decided to design a better boat. The 1996 Zodiac blow-out motivated me to immediately start work on SEAL Boats USA. SEAL stands for SEA ALuminum. I always appreciated the physics and principles of inflatables. However, I also experienced first hand all their shortcomings. So, I began developing a boat with all the advantages of inflatables without their shortcomings – I wanted to build a bullet proof boat.

A Better, Safer Boat

Two patents later, a trademark and ten years of research and development, I truly believe that SEAL Boats have evolved to be nearly indestructible. SEAL Boats feature all-welded construction with the finest marine aluminum metals and the best marine hardware available. The sponsons are completely filled with two-pound Coast Guard foam flotation, making the boats virtually impossible to sink or take on water. During Coast Guard testing, it was determined that with the transom drain plug removed, a SEAL Boat will only submerge to the deck level of the boat, making it impossible for the outboard engine to go underwater.

Yes, they’re safe, but they also look good! Each SEAL Boat is marine-grade powder-coated after construction in your choice of color. You will certainly make heads turn with a SEAL Boat in tow.

I believe that SEAL Boats are beautiful machines that will get you where you want to go and bring you back home safely.


SEAL Boats USA Logo-White
Sarasota, Florida

• All Aluminum
• All Welded
• Tough & Rugged
• Unsinkable
• Low Maintenance
• Coast Guard Tested

Made in the USA Seal

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